Our Client

Mitú Roast is an comedy webshow produced  by Mitú, a young latino network based on Los Angeles. The first edition, and the only one so far, brough together the most influentials youtubers in latin america to roast Wereverwero, Mexico`s most famous youtuber. Yosstop, Alex Strecci, Yayo Gutiérrez, Héctor Leal, Mexivergas and Chume were elected to be the roasters, while Galatzia was the roast master. It was the most important webshow in Latin America in 2015. 

The proposal

We wanted all the graphic material to express the concept of the event. The logo simulates  a handwritting full of emotions. At first, gold was elected as the element to show the aggressiveness of the comments in an elegant and aesthetic way. 

As the concept evolved, we developed new ideas and even included punk images. It was a necessary process that helped us achieve a final result that adapts perfectly to the event`s identity. 

Another proposal
The image of the fire was adopted as the principal element of the campaign to show that Wereverwero was going to be burned with jokes. Roasters` pictures were modified to add fire in creative and meaningful way and we use dark and grey colors to represent smoke and ashes. 
The same concept was applied to stationery and POP materials.